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Panel I.           Right to freedom of expression and right to difference of views in areas of a social dialogue

Individuals and communities are entitled to express their own, various visions of mutual existence and cooperation. One category can not be discriminatory in relation to the other. Principles of subjectivity should become the educational activities.

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Panel II.         Neighbors – generating the social capital

Generating the social capital is the crucial element of the civil society. Social capital manifestations and forms are significant values of individual environments and they can become an inspiration for other groups. Without the social capital, the civil society can not exist in full.

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Panel III.        Social risks and threats, inclusion processes

Global society generates new social risks. This phenomenon creates social problems such as: exclusion, pauperization, homelessness disability or precarization. Developing concepts of inclusion processes and preparing adequate instruments are crucial challenges.

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Panel IV.        Living in an aging Europe

Assistance and support for elderly people and their families are the necessary behaviors nowadays. How can we cope with this? Should senility and problems connected with an old age be perceived, only and exclusively, in the category of a problem? Or maybe, it is necessary to treat this phenomenon in a category of an opportunity. But not always the old age was discriminated or treated as a social problem.

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Panel V.         Secure world, shared world

Modern world brings various threats. People cope with military and social conflicts or crime. How can we act against such phenomena? How are able to do this? What can we do for the modern world and for the future? We and our neighbors?

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Panel VI.        E-world without borders and prejudices

Immanent feature of modern times is the synergy of the real and virtual world. Network technologies have given the society new areas of activities, which we have been unfamiliar with so far. The perspective and dilemmas of functioning in a digital world, opportunities and problems, which the contemporary man has to cope with, will create the discourse topics.

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