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e-Teacher Academy



e-Teacher Academy

Academy of Business in Dąbrowa Górnicza


Thee-TeacherAcademyis the innovative project implemented by The Center of Modern Methods and Education Technologies at theAcademyofBusinessin Dąbrowa Górnicza. This project lets teachers acquire and develop their essential teacher competences necessary to implement didactic and education tasks in modern education.

The Academy’s activities aim at assisting both various environments connected with education as well as people who are interested in acquiring knowledge in the scope of information technology and modern multimedia in modern man functioning in the era of a digital school.


e-Teacher Academy key tasks:

  • promoting the idea of modern education through various activities. They aim at providing the possibility of sharing knowledge and experiences in the scope of problems of modern education and the role of media in children’s and young people functioning as well as their development in the context of globalization processes, including the influence of these processes on education;
  • insisting on professional development of the teaching staff in view of expectations of modern education;
  • disseminating examples of valuable practices in the scope of information technologies applications in the education process;
  • developing research activities that include the evaluation of innovative, organizational and methodical solutions effectiveness in education as well as the optimization of education models with the application of multimedia technologies in education. 

e-Teacher Academy activity fields: 


  • organizing scientific and methodical conferences and seminars consisting of meetings with representatives of academic environments as well as teachers – experienced practicians who want to share their knowledge and achievements (i.e. e-books authors, interactive methods applications experts);
  • organizing methodic workshops that promote applications of multimedia in various fields of education activities (i.e. e-learning in education, multimedia applied in the work with people of special educational needs, foreign languages modern teaching, modern teaching methods – WebQuest method);
  • organizing certified development trainings and courses that let to enlarge competences. The certificates are as follows: ECDL including e-teacher, Pearson, Microsoft.
  • exchange of information  and experiences among participants of the Academy in virtual space – e-learning platform;
  • conducting post graduate studies i.e. Teacher’s multimedia  workshop;
  • promoting good practices (publication of innovative methodic solutions and  education projects for teachers).


Scientific advisor:


Danuta Morańska, PhD – an academic teacher, an originator and a doer of the initiative “e-Teacher Academy, ECDL examiner, Director of  the Center of Modern Methods and Education Technologies at the Academy of Business in Dąbrowa Górnicza, an organizer of the international Scientific Conference titled: “WWW. A man in a cyber space”. For several years she has been dealing with problems of applying information technologies and multimedia in education.


e-Teacher Academy seminars:



Creative informatics with Baltie, 21 February 2012


Promoting the environment of object projecting/designing that fosters the development of children’s and young people logical and generative thinking.  


I e-Teacher Academy seminar, 7 December 2012


  • Capabilities of interactive whiteboards, examples of applications in didactics on various levels of education.
  • Software to interactive whiteboards, using the Internet resources and education programs.
  • Working with a school hand book in an electronic and interactive versions.


II e-Teacher Academy seminar, 18 April 2013


  • Disseminating the idea and rules of certification and computer skills.
  • e-Teacher certificate – confirmation of teacher computer and methodic competences that are necessary to function in a digital school.

III e-Teacher Academy seminar, 06 June 2013


  • iPads in the classroom, how is the mobile equipment used in education.
  • “Cloud computing education” – new solutions for education. 


IV e-Teacher Academy seminar, 05 December 2013


  1. Influence of multimedia on the child’s intellectual development and personality. Are the cyber technologies addictive? Shaping relations between a child and multimedia.
  2. Cyber space – new threats.
  3. Aggressive net and computer games – the phenomenon description and the influence of the games on aggressive adolescents’ behavior.
  4. Methodic consultations for education institutions.


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