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Company SOR Libchavy spol. s r.o. is an important Czech manufacturer of buses which offers modern type of buses and troltey buses, according to model series, even non-standard design, conforming the clients´ requests. Currently they manufacture buses in the length of 8.5m, 9.5m, 10,5m, 12 m, 13.5m and 18m in the design of urban, intercity and distant traffic. They are equipped with engine conforming to the requirements of the European Union ecologic standards. The customer can also select the drive - compressed natural gas – CNG, hybrid and electric motor drive. Automatic and also mechanical gearbox is available, as well as independent axles, retarder, disk brakes air-conditioning and further equipment. The company has business success both on the domestic and foreign market. It further provides service, repairs and sale of spare parts for SOR buses.


Strategic goals:

The strategic goal of the company management is building up a prominent manufacturer of buses in Europe from SOR, and be a perspective employer of real professionals. We wish to provide top-rate buses and services to our customers. In order to achieve this goal, the company management issues quality policy and quality targets, and creates necessary sources oriented towards training and education of employees, infrastructure development, working environment management and measuring systems development. The efficiency of the system is regularly revised by the management.


Company SOR Libchavy spol. s r.o. is currently the second largest manufacturer of buses in the Czech Republic. It manufactures medium-class buses with occupation rate from 25 to 51 sitting and total occupation rate up to 161 passengers. These buses are manufactured on the basis of the company own design. As a matter of course, they provide service, repairs and sale of spare parts.

Since 2001, the company is a holder of the 9001 ISO Quality Certificate. The SOR buses are continuously upgraded in terms of function and design, reflecting the requests of not only customers but also of the still growing safety standards and comfort for passengers.


Main priorities of SOR buses:

Low emergency weight – emergency weight of SOR buses is in average 2 t lower than that of competitive vehicles of comparable typeLow average fuel consumption – ca 14.5% lower than that of competitive vehicles throughout the vehicle service life (t = 7.25 % of consumption) - confirmed by objective comparisons – theoretical and statistic in operationHigher specific output – with regards to lower emergency and total weight of SOR vehicles; comparing to competitive vehicles, the specific output of vehicles (despite potential lower nominal output) is sligthly higherUse of 19,5" - tyres gives, comparing to 22,5", at same life service, main advantages in smaller wheel fitting in the body and more suitable arrangement of seats above them, and also lower purchase costs in case of restorationLogicalo and efficient utilisation of space and vehicle interior arrangement, including the driver´s workplace.


Technical parameters of SOR buses

All SOR buses manufactured are equipped with disk brakes on all axles. The bottom part of the body structure is, in order to increase the anticorrosion resistance, fabricated of rustless profiles, and the body shell is made of plastic materials. All types are manufactured in modernised design with extended use of rustless and plastic materials, with upgraded rear part of the bus and modified location of the engine suction hole, improved ventilation of the motor compartment and new rear flashlights. In addition, an upgraded driver´s place is prepared, change in front door opening backwards and location of rear mirrors on the body, modificationof bus air-conditioning, etc. Rustless materials are used for the bottom part of the bus at places that are mostly stressed corrosionwise (the part underneath the vehicle floor, step plates, area around wheels, etc.) Cavities of steel profiles are protected from inside by deposited protective paint coat. All parts used, stressed by external environment, are used by those manufacturers who guarantee their long service life even in heavy conditions. SOR buses are equipped with IVECO (185, 194, 220 and 243 kW) engines conforming to the limits of EURO V standards. Company SOR Libchavy spol. s r. o. situated close to the town of Usti nad Orlici, is a company with the tradition of engineering production. Till 1990, agrarian technology was manufactured there – feeding vehicles, fodder turners, silo unloaders, small mountain tractors and a variety of other machines.


In 1991, privatisation with direct sale resulted in change of the production program orientation towards to transport and building technology. On the background of this production, the development of buses and their production stared in 1995, and the history of a new automobile factory in the Czech Republic began.

Company SOR Libchavy spol. s r. o., was established in 1991, with business intent to focus on the design, production, sale and service of small buses. The company management decided for the design of a 7.5 m long bus which would use both the body and chassis of own design and engine-gearbox assembly from prominent world manufacturers. Design works were initiated at the end of 1992 and already at the end of 1993, first prototype with Perking motor and Voith gearbox left the factory. With passing time, even extended versions were launched on the market.

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