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We would like to kindly inform you that access to the infrastructure of the WSB University for non – employees of the University is limited for the duration of the risk associated with a threat of infection of the COVID-19 (Koronavirus).

All current affairs of students, Phd students and language school students and other employers will be reported and dealt with via e-mail and telephone (addresses and phone numbers for individual departments are indicated on the University’s website CONTACT). Documents should be sent as scans or photos of documents). University employees are available for you via emails and over the phone from Monday to Saturday between 8:00 – 16:00.


Only in justified cases, the entrance to the University premises take place through the main entrance (the other entrances are closed) and they are subjected by the person’s body temperature.


Application of the above measures is to limit contact between students, employers, language school students and other workers.



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